NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Changing Families

Changing Families

Questions with (*) sign are open ended questions.

Page 67

Who were the members of Nimmi’s family before the arrival of her baby sister?

     The members of Nimmi’s family before the arrival of her baby sister were her father, her mother, her uncle and her grandmother.

How many members are there in Nimmi’s family now?

     Now there are six members in her family.

How do you think the lives of Nimmi’s family members have changed after the arrival of the new baby? For example –

How will Nimmi spend her day now?

     Nimmi will spend her day playing with her baby sister.

What new work will her mother do now?

     Her mother will look after her newborn baby.

There will be a change in the daily work of Nimmi’s father, grandmother and uncle with the arrival of the new baby.

Can you tell how?

     Nimmi’s father, grandmother and uncle will have to look after the newborn baby and play with her.

Page 68

Has a small brother or sister been born in your home or in any house in your neighbourhood?


How does it feel to have a new baby at home?

     Everyone will be happy in the family to have a new baby at home.

How have things changed at home with the new baby?

     All the members of the family have to play with the new baby and look after the baby. Everyone has to share the work of the mother as she would be busy with the new baby.

Find out all about the youngest child in your home or in the home of a relative. Then write –

When was the baby born?

     One month back the baby was born.

Is the baby a boy or a girl?

     The baby is a girl.

How are you related to him or her?

      She is my neighbour.

Where was the baby born?

     The baby was born in the hospital.

Who does the baby look like?

      The baby looks like her mother.

What is the colour of his or her hair.?

     Her hair is black.

What is the colour of his or her eyes?

     Her eyes are black.

Does the baby have any teeth?

     No, she does not have any teeth.

What do we feed the baby with?

What is the baby’s length?

     She is about two feet.

Page 69

How many hours a day does the baby sleep?

     She sleeps most of the time of the day.

What different sounds does the baby make?

     She cries and makes different sounds.

Who does the baby stay with most of the time?

     Her mother stays with the baby most of the time

Stick a photograph of the baby or draw a picture in your notebook.

When Tsering’s father showed the letter to his family, how do you think the different members would have felt?

      All the members of the Tsering family felt happy as Tsering’s father got a promotion.

Page 70

What will change in Tsering’s family after his father’s transfer?

For example-

Who from Tsering’s family will live with his father at the new place? Which school will Tsering go to now? Will he have new friends?

     Along with his father,  Tsering, his mother and sister will live a new place.

Which school will Tsering go to now?

     Tsering will go to a new school.

Will he have new friends?

       Yes, he will have new friends.

Has anybody in your family moved to a new place because of work?

      Yes, my uncle has moved to a new place because of work.

What do you feel about this change?

     A person has to change his place either because of education or work. We should be happy with the change.

Is there anyone in your class or school who has come to your school from another place? If so, talk to him or her?


Where has she or he come from?

      He has come from Pune.

What was his or her old school like?

      His old school was good.

What does he or she find different here?

     He finds everything new here.

Does he or she like the change?


Page 71

Do you think that there will be any change in Nazli’s family after the wedding? What will change?

     Yes, there is a change in Nazli’s family. A new member is added to the family.

Do you think there will be changes in the home from where the new bride has come? What kind of changes?

     Yes, there is a change in the home from where the new bride has came.

Page 72

Talk to your mother and aunts in the family. Ask them about where they lived before they got married.

       They lived with their parents before the marriage.

Who were the members in their families?

      In my mother’s family she, her mother, father, brother and sister was there.

Has anybody in your family been married recently? Who?

      Yes, my cousin has been married recently.

Talk to your classmates and write all about what happens during weddings in their families.

      Everyone in the family enjoys the marriage ceremony.

What kind of special food is cooked?

      Sweets, different types of vegetables, papads, puri and many more special food items are prepared.

What special clothes do the bride and bridegroom wear?

      The bride wears a new saree and the bridegroom wears sherwani or suit.

What kinds of songs and dances are performed at weddings?

      At weddings traditional, music and folk dances are performed.

What did you see at the wedding that you attend? Draw some pictures in your notebook. Then look at the pictures drawn by your classmates.

      We saw changes taking place in the families of Nimmi, Tsering, and Nazli because of different reasons.

Write down the reasons for these changes.

In Nimmi’s family

       The change in Nimmi’s family happened because of the birth of new baby sister.

In Tsering’s family

      The change in Tsering’s family happened because of the promotion his father has got a transfer to a new city.


Page 73

In Nazli’s family –

      The change in Nazli’s family happened because of the wedding. Her family got a new member.

There can be many reasons for changes in families. Can you think of some more reasons?

      Changes in families are because of the birth of a baby, death of a member, marriage, education, or work.

Page 74

Ask your grandmother or grandfather how many members were there in their family when they were your age?

      My grandparents used to live in a joint family when they are of my age.

Can you see yourself, your brother or your sister, your mother or your father, anywhere in this family tree?

Can you see yourself anywhere in this family tree? Who are the members of your family today? Where are your grandparents?

Page 75

Going back to school

Up to which class do you want to study?

     I want to study till my post-graduation.

Up to which class have your parents studied?

      Both of them completed Higher education.

Till which class did your grandmother get a chance to study?

      My grandmother studied till High school.

At what age did your grandmother get married?

     At the age of 16, she got married.

Have you heard of a law that talks about the ages before which girls and boys must not get married?

      Yes. Boys should not marry before the age of 21 and girls before the age of 18.

Page 76

Are there any such children in your neighbourhood who had to drop out of school? Do they want to back to school?

      There are no dropouts in my neighbourhood.

What are they doing these days?

      They are studying.

Has anybody in your family got married recently? Who?

      Yes, my cousin got married recently.

What was the age of the Bride and the groom?

                 The age of the bride is 23 and that of the groom is 25.

What kind of dresses do they wear?

Bride – Red Silk Saree

Groom- Suit



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