NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Omana’s Journey

Omana’s Journey

Questions with (*) sign are open-ended questions.

Page 49

Why was it so crowded at the door of the coach?

     People were getting off and others were pushing and trying to put their luggage inside, all one from one door. Therefore, it was crowded at the door of the coach.

Have you ever travelled by train? When?

     Yes, I have travelled by train. Every time I visit my native place I travel by train.

What food would you like to take with you when you travel? Why?

     I would like to take food items like snacks, biscuits, fruits, dry fruits, puri, chapatis, and vegetables.

What does the ticket-checker do?

     Ticket-checker checks the tickets. He also checks whether all the passengers are occupying the seats allotted to them.

How will you recognize the ticket-checker?

      A ticket-checker wears a black coat. There is a batch on his shoulders and there is a tag with his name on the chest.

Page 51

What did Omana see from the window?

     Omana saw many fields, villages, etc from the window. As the train was moving at high speed all the things outside seem to be running in the opposite direction.

What are some of the things that are sold at Railway stations?

      Things like biscuits, fast foods, cold drinks, water bottles, snacks, newspapers, books, toys are sold at railway stations.

Page 52

Why do you think there was no water in the bathroom of the train? Discuss.

      Water is filled in the starting Station of the train and being used by passengers throughout their journey. Most of the times passengers wastewater filled in the trains. Sometimes sufficient water is not filled.

     Imagine that you are going on a long train journey. What are the things that you will take with you to help pass the time?

     While going on a long train journey I would like to carry story-books, some handy games to pass the time.

Can you recognize who are these people shown in the picture? What work do they do? Discuss.

1). Coolie – helps in carrying the luggage.

2). Guard – signals the train to start.

3). Driver (Motor Man) – he drives and controls the train.

4). Ticket –checker – Checks the tickets and matches them with the passengers.

5). Railway police – provides the security

6). Safai worker – cleans the trains and platform.

7). Ticket –seller – sells the tickets.

Additional Questions.

Answer the following.

1)  Why Omana and Radha were excited?

      Omana and Radha were excited as they were going on a trip to Kerala.

2). Whose Grandmother stays in Kerala?

      Omana’s grandmother stays in Kerala.

3). Who went to book the train tickets?

      Omana’s father went to book the train tickets.

4). Who has canceled the trip to Kerala?

      Radha’s family canceled the trip to Kerala.

5). Why did Radha’s family cancel the trip to Kerala?

      Radha fell down from her bicycle and fractured her right leg. Therefore, Radha’s family canceled the trip to Kerala.

6). What is the starting station of the train?

     The train started from Gandhidham, in Kutch.

7). At which station did Omana’s family board the train?

      At Ahmadabad.




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