NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Nandita in Mumbai

Nandita in Mumbai

Questions with the (*) sign are open-ended questions.

Page 139

Why did Nandita have to bring her mother from the village to Mumbai?

          Nandita brought her mother from the village to Mumbai for her treatment.

Nandita used to feel like vomiting when at first, she had to use the toilet where Mama lived. Why?

          As the toilet was too dirty and smelt bad, she feel like vomiting at first.

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In what ways did Nandita find her Mama’s house to be different from her house in the village?

          In her Mama’s house in Mumbai, there was only a single room where they sit, sleep, cook and wash. While her house in the village also had only one room but with a separate place for cooking and bathing. It also had a courtyard.

What differences did Nandita find between getting water from the public tap and in the village?

          Nandita used to get water from the pond or nearby river in her village. There were no fights for water in the village. While in Mumbai there are fights to get water from the public tap. Here in Mumbai, there is a fixed time for the water supply.

Was there electricity at the place where Nandita’s Mama lived? Guess.

          Yes, there was electricity at the place where Nandita’s Mama lived.

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Let us talk

(*) Do you know anyone who was admitted to a hospital?

          Yes, one of my relative was admitted to a hospital.

(*) For how many days was he or she in the hospital?

          He was in the hospital for one week.

(*) Did you visit the person in the hospital?

          Yes, I visit the person in the hospital.

(*) Who was looking after the patient at the hospital?

          His wife was looking after the patient at the hospital.

(*) Have you ever seen a tall building? Where?

           Yes, I have seen a tall building when I visited the city.

(*) How many floors did the building have?

          It was having 25 floors.

(*) How many floors did you climb?

          I climbed up to the 16th floor.

Page 142

When Nandita first came to Mumbai, what were the things that she was afraid to do?

           The things that Nandita is afraid of when she first came to Mumbai are railway station, boarding the bus, boarding a lift and going to crowded places.

Page 143

What were the differences between the houses where Mama lived and the houses in the high-rise buildings?

Houses in the area where Mama lived   Houses in a high-rise building


1. Single room 1. Separate room to cook, eat, to sleep.
2. Common toilets 2. Separate toilet
3. No Kitchen 3. Separate Kitchen.
4. public tap 4. Separate tap
5. No glass window 5. Glass window

Discuss why there were differences.

          Because of the poverty, Mama could not afford to hire or purchase a flat in high rise building.

Tell about yourself

(*) Draw a circle around the kind of house you live in. Is it like the house of –

          Nandita              Mama                 Babloo            Any other kind

(*) Where does the water come from in your house?

          We get water from the Water supply department.

(*) Is there an electricity connection in your house? How many hours in a day do you get electricity?

          Yes, almost 24 hours a day we get electricity in my house.

(*) Which is the nearest hospital in the area where you live?

          A hospital run by the Municipal Corporation of my city is the nearest hospital.

(*) How far are these from your house?


Place Minutes to walk to In Kilometers
Bus stop 40 minutes 1 and half km
School 15 minutes Half km
Market 20 minutes 1 km
Hospital 60 minutes 3 km

Page 145

Write in your notebook

Why does Mama have to change his house?

          A big hotel will be built at the place where Mama lived.

(*) Have you ever moved from your house? If yes, why did you have to move?

           Yes, I have moved from my house as we have shifted to a new house.

(*) Do people in your family have to go far for their work? Where do they go? How far do they have to go?

            Yes, my father has to go far for his office. He travels to Mumbai. He travels 30 km every day to reach his office.


(*) Is it right that Mama and others have to move because a hotel is going to be built there?

           If the Mama is the owner of the land then it is wrong.

(*) Who will benefit from this?

           The owner of the land and the owner of the hotel benefit from this. Even some people also get benefitted from this as they get employment.

(*) Who will face difficulties?

          People like Mama who have to shift to a new place will face difficulties.

(*) Do you know of any people who have faced problems similar to Nandita’s Mama? Talk about it in class.

           Yes, I know people who have faced similar problems. While widening the roads they have to lose their houses and shops. But the corporation has given compensation to them.

(*) Draw a picture of a house of your choice and color it.




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