NCERT Solutions Class 5 EVS Up You Go

Up You Go


Page 77

Find out


Have you ever seen the mountains? Have you also climbed a mountain? When and where?

     Yes, I have seen mountains. On our trip to Jammu, I have got a chance to climb the mountains.

How far have you walked at one time? How far can you walk?

     I have walked 3 km at one time. I think I can walk up to 15 km.


What do you think about the paths on the mountains? Draw a  picture.

     The paths on the mountains are steep and curve.

Page 78


What do you think about the responsibilities of a group leader?

     The responsibilities of a group leader are as follows.

(a). Looking after each member of the group.

(b). Leading from the front.

(c). Taking care of all the needs of the group.

(d). Taking responsibility for the entire group.

How would you feel if you were made a leader in such a camp?

     I feel happy and excited if I were made a leader in such a camp.

What does a monitor in your class have to do?

     A class monitor had to maintain discipline in the class in the absence of a teacher. He or she also conveys the needs or problems of students to the teacher.

Would you like to be the class monitor? Why?

     Yes. I would like to be a class monitor.

Page 80

Find out and write

What kinds of tools are needed for climbing mountains?

     The tool needed for climbing mountains is a thick rope, sling, stick, food packets, water bottles, torch, whistle, first aid box, oxygen cylinder, etc.

Have you ever seen a hook and rope being used for anything else? Where?

     Yes, a hook and rope were used to rescue the people.

What else can we use if we want to cross a river in the mountains?

     For crossing a river in the mountains we need a thick rope, sling, and pitons.

Why do we need extra energy on the mountains?

     As we are climbing on the mountains we need to work against the gravitational force, need to walk on rough paths. Therefore, we need extra energy in the mountains.

Have you ever heard of anyone who has done something adventurous? What?

     Yes, I know people do adventurous activities like river rafting, bungy jumping, trekking, paragliding and scuba diving.

Have you ever done anything adventurous? If yes, tell your class. Write about it in your own words.

     Yes, once I did scuba diving on my Konkan Trip.

Page 81


Have you ever climbed a tree? How did you feel? Were you scared? Did you ever fall?

     Yes, I climbed a tree at my native place. It was very exciting. In the beginning I was scared. I never felt from the tree.

Have you ever seen someone climb a small wall? What do you think is the difference between climbing a wall and climbing a high rock?

     Yes, I and one of my friends climbs a small wall. Climbing a small wall and a high rock both are different things. To climb a high rock is difficult.

Page 82


Is there anyone in your class whose language you do not understand, or who does not understand yours?

     Yes, I don’t understand one of my friend’s language.

What do you do in such case?

     We talk by making actions.

Have you ever lasted your way? What did you do then?

     Yes, I lost my way once. With the help of one person, I called my father on his mobile number.

Why do you think Khondonbi would have sung loudly?

     Khondonbi has sung loudly to send signals.

Have you ever seen someone doing something special to get over their fear? What and when?

     Yes, I have seen many people close their eyes while riding a giant wheel.


Ask your friend for a book without speaking. Try to explain something to the class in the same way.

Page 84


Why do you think a drain was dug around the tent?

     The drain was dug around the tent to keep off the animals and insects.

Besides mountaineering, what are other activities that can be called adventurous? Why?

     Activities like river rafting, bungy jumping, sky-dive, paragliding, and scuba diving can be called adventurous

Page 85

Imagine and write

You are on a mountain. How do you feel there? What can you see? What do you feel like doing there?

     I feel excited to be on a mountain. I can see blue sky and a panoramic view of surroundings.

Page 86


Why did Bachendri put up the Indian flag on the peak?

     To honour our country Bachendri put up the Indian flag on the peak.

When have you seen our national flag being hoisted?

     During the celebration of Independence Day and Republic Day.

Collect information of our national flag.

     Make groups of 6-8 children. Design a flag for your group. Explain why you chose that design.

Have you seen the flag of any other country? Where?

Additional Questions:

1). How many teachers are from Kendriya Vidyalaya?


2). When did the camp start?

      On 1 February 1984.

3). How many kilometers did they walk on the first day of the camp?

     26 kilometres.

4). Name the director of the camp?

     Brigadier Gyan Singh.

5). Girls from which states are included in the Group 7?

     Group No. 7 included girls from Assam, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya and Nagaland.

6). Khondobi belonged to which state?

     Khondobi belonged to Mizoram.

8). Who was selected as a part of the team to climb Mt. Everest?

     Bachhendri Pal was selected as a part of the team to climb Mt. Everest.

9). Who was Bachhendri Pal?

     Bachhendri Pal was the first Indian woman to climb Mt. Everest.

10). Bachhendri Pal belonged to which place?

     Bachhendri Pal belonged to Nakuri village in the Garwhal area of Uttarkhand.

11). Name the highest peak of the world?

     Mt. Everest.

12). What was Mt. Everest called in Nepal?

      Mt. Everest is called ‘Sagarmatha’ in Nepal.

True or false

1). Every morning there would be a medical check-up.


2). Bachhendri Pal was selected as a part of the team to climb Mt. Everest


Fill in the blanks.

1). After an eight kilometer trek, we reached a river.



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