NCERT Solutions Class 5 EVS A Treat for Mosquitoes

A Treat for Mosquitoes



Page 68

Find out

Do you know anyone who had malaria?

     Yes, my grandfather had malaria.

How did they find out that they had malaria?

     By blood test.

What problems did they have on having malaria?

     On having malaria one gets a high fever with shivering. The body also becomes very weak.

What other diseases can be caused by mosquito bites?

     Diseases like Dengue, Malaria, Chickengunia are caused by mosquito bites.

In which season is malaria more common? Why do you think this happens?

     Malaria is more common in the rainy season. The climate in the rainy season is suitable for mosquito breeding.

What do you do in your house to protect yourself from mosquitoes?

     We use mosquito nets to protect ourselves from mosquitoes.

 Also, find out from your friends about what they do?

     They use mosquito nets and mosquito repellers.

Page 69

Look at the report of the blood test given here. Which words in the report help us to know that the person has malaria?

     Malarial parasite found in the blood sample.

Page 70

Look at Aarti’s blood report and find out the minimum required haemoglobin?

     The minimum required haemoglobin is 12 gm/dl.

How much did Aarti’s haemoglobin go up and how long did it take for that?

     Aarti’s haemoglobin increased by 2.5 gm/dl. It took three months.

What does the newspaper report say about the problems caused by anemia?

     The newspaper report says that anemia is affecting both physical as well as mental health. Due to anemia, children do not grow well, and their energy levels are low. It also affects their mental ability to study properly.

Have you or anyone in your family ever needed to get a blood test? when and why?

     Yes, my grandfather needed to get a blood test when he was suffering from a fever.

Page 71

What was found out by the blood test?

     Malaria was detected by the blood test.

Have you had a health check-up in your school? What did the doctor tell you?

     Yes, in our school we have health check-ups once in six months.  

Find out.

Ask a doctor or elders about the food items which contain iron.

     Green leafy vegetables, cabbage, jaggery and amla contain iron.

Page 72

Find out and tell

Have you seen any poster like this put up anywhere?

     Yes, I have seen such posters near my school and government clinic.

Who do you think puts such posters, or gives ads in the newspapers?

    Governments and Health department put such posters or give ads in the newspapers.

What are some of the important points given in the poster?

     The important points given in the poster are as follows.

1). Don’t let water collect around your house.

2). Fill up the pits.

3). Keep the water pots, coolers and tanks clean. They should be dried every week.

4). Use mosquito nets.

Why do you think pictures of a tank, cooler and pits are shown in the poster?

     These are the places where water can stagnant. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water.


Why do you think it talks about putting fish in the tank?

What do you think the fish eats?

     It talks about putting fish in the tank because fish eats larva of mosquito in the water.

What will happen if the oil spreads on the water?

     The oil spread on the water prevents the oxygen supply to the larva and larva gets killed.

Page 73

Find out

Which diseases are spread by flies and how?

     Diseases like cholera, typhoid and dysentery are spread by flies. When a fly sits on the contaminated things, harmful germs present in the food item stick to its legs. When the same fly sits on the food item the germs are transferred to the food item. In this way, the flies spread diseases.

Since how many days has the water been collected there?

     The water is collected from the last 10 days.

Who is responsible for keeping these places clean?

     Local government bodies like municipal, corporations and gram panchayat are responsible for keeping these places clean.

Who is supposed to get the gutters and drains repaired?

     Local government bodies like municipal, corporations and gram panchayat are supposed to get the gutters and drains repaired.

Can any larvae be seen in the collected water?

     Yes, we can see the larva in the collected water.

Has it caused any problem in the area? Write.

     Yes, the area looks dirty. The harmful germs breed and diseases like malaria, cholera, dysentery are spread by mosquitoes and flies.

Page 74

Can you see algae in or around the water?

     Yes, I can see algae in or around the water.

Where else have you seen algae?

     We can see algae at damp wells.

Are there plants growing on the side or in water? Find out their names. Draw some of these in your notebook.

     Yes, plants like mosses grow in the water.

Do you think these were planted by someone or did they grow on their own?

     These plants grow on their own.

What else can you see in the water? Make a list.

     We can see fish, frogs, crabs and larva in water.

Additional Questions:

1). Name the diseases spread by mosquito bites?

      Diseases like Dengue, Malaria, Chickengunia are caused by mosquito bites.

2). Name the diseases spread by flies?

     Diseases like cholera, typhoid and dysentery spread by flies.

3). Write the name of the malaria spreading mosquito?



True or False.

1). Baby mosquitoes are known as Larvae.


2). Malaria is spread by bite of the Anopheles mosquito.


3). Algae spreads lot during the summer season.


4). In the olden days, thousands of people used to die from Malaria.



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