Testmoz – Online Test Builder Tool

Testmoz – Online Test Builder Tool

            Evaluation is a very important aspect and plays an enormous role in making the teaching-learning process more effective. It helps teachers to know how much a child has succeeded in his aims. It helps both the teachers and learners to improve the teaching-learning process.

           As the classroom teaching is digitalized so do the evaluation tools. If you are a teacher, trainer, or surveyor then using Testmoz you can create an online test easily.   

          Testmoz is a very quick and simple way to generate an online test for your students or trainees. If you want to conduct a survey, then Testmoz is a handy online tool for creating an online survey.  The tool has many options with the help of which you can customize the test. With the help of Testmoz, you can create a test, distribute it online, and more importantly, you can get the results instantly. Testmoz has many options with the help of which a teacher can,

  •           Customize the test
  •           the way the students can respond to the test
  •           how the results. can be displayed.

     How one can use Testmoz?

            If you are a teacher

            You can use Testmoz to give homework to the students, take assignments, conduct tests, make quizzes, can grade the question that is, you can allot the points or marks to the questions and more important this content you can use year after year to a different set of students.

          If you are a tutor

            You can use Testmoz in same the manner as a school teacher uses it to assist the teaching-learning process.

          If you are a trainer

            You can use Testmoz to check whether your trainees are mastered the skills which you have trained them. You can build the tests, assignments, and review the progress of your trainees.

          If you are an employer

            You can use Testmoz to review the performance of your employees, take opinions, and take feedback (safety and security issues. new products) from your employees.

          If you are a team leader

            You can assess the performance of your teammates, take feedback, and can conduct an opinion survey.

     How can one build a test in Testmoz?

            Building a test in Testmoz is very simple. Enter the site using https://testmoz.com/ and you will land on the home page of Testmoz. For building a test in Testmoz you will have two options

  1. You can build a test without logging into the site. It means you can build a test without signing into the site. Although there are certain limitations which are explained below in the features column but even with the help of the free version also you can build a test effectively. 
  2. You can sign up to Testmoz by paying the amount as it is charged for the subscription. If you are a paid user then you are eligible to use all the features of Testmoz like unlimited questions, tests, and results. There are also some discounts for non-profit schools or government school teachers. You can check the plan in the Pricing of Testmoz.

     Point to Remember

       It is very important to bookmark the URL of the test or to make a note of it and store it. Otherwise, it is difficult to recover the test in case you forget the admin password or the URL.




          for free users

  1. 50 questions per test.
  2. A maximum of 100 students can take a test. (any number of students can take the students but the result of the first 100 test takers is displayed).
  3. A maximum of 100 student’s results is displayed (although any number of students can take a test, only the result of the first 100 students is displayed.)  
  4. Different sets of questions like multiple choice questions, true or false type of questions, fill in the blanks, yes or no type of questions, answer in the one-word type of questions, short answer type questions, and  Essay type questions can be used. 
  5. Take a print of the test and the result.
  6. Can export the results to Excel sheets.

         For paid users

  1. An unlimited number of questions.
  2. An unlimited number of students can take the students.
  3. An unlimited number of tests.
  4. Can embed images and videos in the test.
  5. Get email notifications when someone takes a test.
  6. Can upload images and files.
  7. Can import questions from your other tests.
  8. Can add ungraded questions (for surveys and feedbacks).
  9. Add explanations to the questions.


  1. You can decide the number of options for the questions like one option or many options to multiple-choice questions. 
  2. Randomize the order of questions.
  3. Randomize the order of answers.
  4. Choose the marks to be assigned for each question.
  5. Free to use.
  6. Can be used from any device (mobile, tabs, laptops, and desktops.)
  7. A different set of questions like multiple-choice, true/false,  yes/no, fill in the blanks, short answer type, and essay type questions.
  8. Can edit the test, add or remove questions.
  9. Preview the questions and the test.
  10. Can assign the time to complete the test, the number of times a  student can take a test. 
  11. Can set a passcode for the test to make it more effective.
  12. After a student taken the test, you have an option whether to display the result immediately after the test or not. 
  13. Can export the results to excel sheets or take a print of results. 
  14. Can clone or make a duplicate copy of the test and distribute the test to an additional set of 100 students. 
  15. Can change the admin password any time.


  1. As it is the online version of the written test all the disadvantages of written tests are applicable to this.
  2. As there is no login option, anyone can take the test for students. 
  3. Requires internet facility.
  4. More screen time spending by the students.
  5. If you don’t bookmark the URL of the test or don’t remember the URL then you cannot access the test.


          Application in Online teaching

            Testmoz tool can be effectively used in online teaching. It is easy to build a test and instantly it displays the result. So it gives instant feedback on the teaching-learning process.




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