Tips for Solving Scholarship Exam


Multiple-choice Questions

  1. Read carefully

Read carefully the complete question. Try to understand the questions only after completely reading the question. Try to understand what information is given in the question and what exactly asked in the question. Most of the time students or the candidates who are attempting multiple choice questions read half of the question and think that they understood the question, what is asked in the question and jump to the answer part and they land on the incorrect answer. Avoid it.  So first read the complete question and try to understand the question. Then analyze the question and then attempt the question.

  1. Method of Elimination

Multiple questions have a number of options depending upon the type of question. There may be two or more than two options. Of all the options only one option is the correct one and the remaining options are wrong. When it is mentioned in the question select any two correct options or any three correct options then only one can select more than one option otherwise only one option is correct.

      So in this method of elimination, we eliminate the wrong option one after another and select the correct option. We will check for each option whether it is right or wrong if it is wrong then we eliminate it. Then we go for another option and again check whether it is right or wrong, if it is wrong then again we eliminate it, and in this way, we will find the correct option.


  1. Best Answer

  Of all the given options sometimes, there is a slight confusion between the two options. We find it difficult to choose the correct option since we may feel that two or more options are correct. But we cannot select the two options unless it is mentioned in the question to select two options so we have to select only one correct option. In such a condition, where we are confused between two options and we are unable to select the correct answer as we feel two options are correct, we must select the best option as an answer.

  1. True/False Test

First, read the complete question carefully and try to understand the question. Once you understood the question then apply the true/false test to the options. If the option fits true in relation to the question then it is the correct answer. If the option does not fit with the question then it is an incorrect option.


  1. All of the above/None of the above

 Sometimes of the four options one option is either all of the above or none of the above. But if you are sure that if one option of the remaining three is correct then don’t select this option.

       6. Articles

      Sometimes, in language papers answers can be guessed with the help of the use of the articles. In questions like fill in the blanks before the blank, if an article is used then we can select the correct option with the help of the article used. But this is possible only if we know the concept of the articles. This is applicable only when articles are used before the blank or before the words that we have to write the answers.


      7. Practice

      This is the most important tip of all the above tips and one should always remember “practice makes the man perfect. “

      More you practice more you increase your thinking ability, analyzing capacity, what method we can use to solve a problem, which concepts are to be used to solve the problem, what are the different methods to solve the same problem, how we can solve a problem quickly, these things we can get to know only with the help of continuous practice. While attempting the questions in competitive exams, it is not necessary to solve the problem by step by step procedure as we solve them in mathematical problems. Most of the time we can use logic or reasoning and can solve the question. In competitive exams method is not important but the accuracy and quickness are countable.

      There are different concepts in mathematics like addition, multiplication, subtraction, division, squares, and square roots, knowledge of numbers, formulas, multiples, factors, prime numbers, composite numbers, geometrical shapes, areas, and volumes. So to solve the problem, which method can be applicable, which concept can we use, these all things we can get acquainted with only when we practice. Therefore practice is a very important aspect of cracking a competitive exam.

      8. Previous Papers 

      One more important tip for a competitive exam is to solve the previous papers. While solving the paper in competitive exams, we have to answer a number of questions in a particular time. For example, in 1 minute we have to solve one question or sometimes we have to solve 2 questions within a minute. Therefore, it is very important that whatever we are solving should be correct, should be appropriate, and within the time. Some questions may take less time, while some may take more time to solve. So everything we have to manage. For this, we need to solve all the previous papers. When we solve the previous paper or practice papers then only we will get the habit of solving the papers in the given time. Keep the time machine with you and try to complete the paper within the time. This makes you more perfect in solving the paper.

      9. Time management

      It is also one of the important aspects of cracking the Scholarship exam. Time management is very important while attempting competitive exams with multiple-choice questions. 

      While attempting objective types of questions we have to solve each question in less than 1 minute. We have to read the question, we have to understand the question, we have to analyze the question, what is asked in the question? what is expected to find out? and how to find out which concept we have to use? and what is the fastest method to solve the problem. Everything we have to think and solve and find the answer within a minute. So here time management is very important. It is very crucial to solve the complete paper within the time limit. There are many students who are very clever and maybe able to solve all the problems but couldn’t attempt all the questions by lacking time management. They are able to solve all the questions but because of the lack of proper time management, they are unable to solve the complete paper. The most important thing in any competitive exam is solving the complete paper and for this time management is very important.

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