NCERT Solutions Class 5 EVS Every Drop Counts

Every Drop Counts 


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Have you ever faced a shortage of water in your area?

     Yes, we do face a shortage of water.

If yes, then what is the reason for it?

     Generally, we face a shortage of water when there is no water supply.

Talk to your grandmother or an elderly person. Find out, when they were of your age-

From where did they get water for the house? Has there been a change now?

     They used to get the water from the lakes, rivers, ponds, wells in the surrounding area. There is a change now, we get water supplied through pipelines by Jal Board.

What kind of arrangements were made for travelers- for example, piau, Mashak (leather bag), or any other? Now, what do people do about water when they travel?

     Earlier kings used to build piau for travelers and the water was supplied for free. Nowadays people carry bottled water during travel.

Page 55

Is there a lake, well or step well near your house or school?

     Yes, there is a big lake near my house.

How old is it? Who got it built?

     People say it is 100 years old. It is not known who has built this lake.

What kind of buildings are around it?

     Many new buildings are around it.

Is the water clean? Is it cleaned regularly?

     No, the water is not clean. It is not cleaned regularly.

Who all use the water?

     Few people use the water for washing clothes and vehicles.

Is there any festival celebrated at this place?

     Yes, idols of Ganpati and Durga are immersed during visarjan.

Is there any water today, or is it dry?

     It is full of water.

Page 58

Look at this bill and tell

From which office has this bill come?

     The bill has come from Dilli Jal Board.

Do you get a water bill at Home? Find out from where it is sent?

     Yes, we get a water bill at Home. The bill comes from Water Supply Department.

Why do you think Dilli Sarkar (Government of Delhi) is written under Delhi Jal Board?

     Dilli Sarkar (Government of Delhi) is written under Delhi Jal Board as it is part of the Government of Delhi.

In whose name is the bill? How much money do they have to pay for each month?

     The bill is in the name of Shri Mohd. Umar and Dr. Mohd. Shoaib. The bill is Rs 350 for two months, therefore they have to pay Rs 175 for each month.

Do you have to pay for water? How much? Is the rate of water different in different colonies?

     Yes, we do pay for water. The rate of water is the same in different colonies.


Additional Questions

Who built Ghadisar lake?

     King Ghadsi of Jaisalmer build the lake.

What do you mean by Sar?

     Sar means a lake.

Al-Biruni belonged to which place?

     Al-Biruni belonged to Uzbekistan.

Name the method by which rainwater is collected?

     Rainwater harvesting.

What is the taste of ocean water?

     Ocean water is salty in taste.

What is groundwater?

     The reserve of water in the ground is called groundwater.

Who is Al-Biruni?

     Al-Biruni is a traveler to India.

Give reason. Why do people come to the ghats of Ghadisar?

     People came to the ghats of Ghadisar to celebrate festivals and programs of dance and music.


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