NCERT Solutions Class 5 EVS Seeds and Seeds

Seeds and Seeds


Questions with (*) sign are open ended questions.

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What things are soaked before cooking in your house? Why?

Rice, Chana, moong, soyabean, and pulses are soaked before cooking. They become soft and soaking makes it easier to cook them.

What things do you eat after sprouting? How are they sprouted? How much time does it take?

 We eat chana and moong after sprouting. Generally, they are soaked overnight. Then the water is drained out and they are suspended in a damp cloth.

Has the doctor or someone you know ever told you to eat sprouts? Why?

Yes, because they are very nutritious.

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Do you remember that in Class IV you did an activity with seeds? Now try another one.

Take some chana and three bowls. Put five chana in the first bowl and fill it up with water. Put a damp piece of cloth or some cotton wool in the second bowl. Now keep the same number of chana in it. Make sure that the cotton wool or cloth remains wet.

Put the same number of chana in the third bowl. Do not put anything else in it. Cover all three bowls.


Bowl 1 Bowl 2 Bowl 3
Are the seeds getting air? No Yes Yes
Are the seeds getting water? Yes Yes No
What changes did you see? Chana swelled up Chana has sprouted No change
Have the seeds sprouted? No Yes No


In which bowl did the seeds sprout? What difference did you see between this bowl and other bowls?

Seeds in the bowl 2 sprout.

Why did Gopal’s mother tie the chana in a damp cloth?

Gopal’s mother tied the chana in a damp cloth so that the chana get both the water and air.

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(*) Look carefully at your sprouted chana and make its drawing?


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Find out

How long did it take for the plant to come out from the soil?

It took about 5 to 7 days for the plant to come out from the soil.

What was the difference in the height of the plant on the first and the second day?

The difference in the height is near about half cm.

On which day did the height of the plant increase the most?

On the third day.

Did new leaves come out of the plant every day?


Was there any change in the stem of the plant?

The stem became thicker.


Which seeds did not grow at all? Why?

All the seeds grow if they receive sufficient water and air.

Did anyone’s plant dry up or turn yellow? Why did this happen?

Yes, if the plants do not get water then they dry up and turn yellow.

What would happen if the plants do not get water?

If the plants do not get water then they dry up.

Straight from the heart.

What is inside the seed?

Cotyledons and embryos are inside the seed.

How does a big plant grow from a tiny seed?

The seeds germinate to produce the seedling. By absorbing water and nutrients the seedling grow up into a plant.

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Think and imagine

(*) What would happen if plants could walk? Draw a picture.

Find out

Do some plants grow without seeds?

Yes, some plants grow without seeds.


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Have you ever seen any seed that can fly?


What is it called in your area?

Budhiya ke baal.

(*) Look at your seed collection. Guess how many of those could have traveled by flying.

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Some plants spread their seeds over long distances. When the soyabean pods are ripe, they burst and the seeds are thrown out. Have you ever heard their sound?

No, I didn’t hear the sound.

Think what would happen, if seeds did not spread and remained at one place only.

If seeds did not spread and remained at one place only then they may not get a sufficient amount of water and nutrients. New plants cannot grow properly under a big tree.

Make a list of the different ways by which seeds are spread.

The seeds are spread by animals, air, water, and human beings.

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