std 7 history notes

Marathas – The Protectors of the Nation

 Marathas – The Protectors of the Nation   Q 1). Name them. 1). They came from Afghanistan. Ans: Pathans.   2). They settled at the foothills of the Himalayas- Ans: Rohillas. 3). The brother of Nanasaheb Peshwa. Ans: Raghunathrao. 4). The chief of Jats at Mathura. Ans: Surajmal Jat. 5). Defeated Nizam at Rakshasbhuvan near Paithan. …

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The Administration of Swaraj

7. The Administration of Swaraj   Q 1). Can you tell? 1). A council with eight departments – Ashtapradhan Mandal 2). Bahriji Naik was the Head of this department-Intelligence Department 3). The sea fort built by Maharaj near Malvan-Sindhudurg 4). He looked after the war materials on the fort-Karkhanis 5). Commodities imported from the Portuguese …

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