Tips for Solving Scholarship Exam

TIPS AND TRICKS Multiple-choice Questions Read carefully Read carefully the complete question. Try to understand the questions only after completely reading the question. Try to understand what information is given in the question and what exactly asked in the question. Most of the time students or the candidates who are attempting multiple choice questions read …

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Krishnadeva Raya

Krishnadevaraya Krishnadeva Raya (1509-1529) is one of the greatest emperors from the Vijayanagar Empire. He was one of the greatly celebrated emperor from the Vijayanagara kingdom from South India. After the death of Devaraya II (1446) his successors were less capable. Vijayanagar kingdom had lost much of its territories to its enemies like Gajapati’s of …

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5. The foundation of the Swaraj

Q 1. Find the odd man out  i. Pune, Supe, Chakan, Bengaluru.     Bengaluru ii. Jadhav of Phaltan, Mores of Javali, Ghorpades of Mudhol, Sawant’s of Sawantwadi.      Jadhav of Phaltan iii. Torana, Murumbdev, Sinhagad, Sindhudurg     Sindhudurg  Q 2. Write about in your own words. i. The efforts Veermata Jijabai took for Shivaji Maharaj’s …

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4. Maharashtra Before the Times of Shivaji Maharaj

Q 1. Write the meaning. Budruk – original town Balod – new one Vatan – hereditary land Q 2. Find out and write. People from Africa who had settled along the Konkan coastline – Siddi The author of ‘Amrutanubhav’ – Sant Dnyaneshwar Sant Tukaram place – Dehu He composed Bharuds – Sant Eknath He explained …

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3. Religious Synthesis

  1. Write the related word   1.  Shri Basaveshwar: Karnataka::Meerabai: Rajasthan   2. Ramananda: North India:: Chaitanya Mahaprabhu: Bengal   3. Shri Chakradhar: Maharashtra::  Shankaradeva: Assam   4. Mirabai: Rajasthan::   Narsi Mehta: Gujarat   5. Chakradhar Swamy: Mahanubhav Panth::  Shri Basaveshwar: Lingayat   6. Surdasa: Sursagar:: Sant Tulshidas: Ramcharita Manasa   2. Make a …

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