NCERT Solutions Std 5 EVS A Snake Charmer’s Story

A Snake Charmers Story


Points to Remember

Page 17

Think and Tell

questions marked with (*)are open-ended.

Have you ever seen anyone playing a been? Where? (*)

     Yes. I have seen snake charmer (sapera) playing a been. I have seen them in my village at my native place.

Have you ever seen a snake? Where? (*)

     Yes, I have a seen snake. I have seen it with sapera and in my village.

Were you scared by it? Why? (*)

     Yes. I was scared of snakes as they are poisonous and a snake bite can take my life away.

Do you think all snakes are poisonous? (*)

     No, not all snakes are poisonous.

In chapter 1 you read that snakes do not have ears that you can see. Can the snake hear the been or does it dance when the been moves? What do you think?

     Snakes do not have external ears. Therefore, they cannot hear the been. They dance when the been moves. Sometimes, saperas make the movements of legs and because of these movements snakes also dance.


Page 19


Have you ever seen animals being used for entertainment of people? (for example, in a circus, on the road, or in a park)

When and where did you see this? (*)

     Yes, I saw the animals being used for the entertainment of people. I have seen them in a circus, on the roadside shows.

Which animal shows did you see? (*)

     In the circus, I had seen elephants and lions. In the roadside show, I had seen monkeys and snakes.

How did people behave with the animals in the show? (*)

     The people in the show behaved friendly with the animals.

Was anyone teasing the animals? How? (*)

     Nobody was teasing the animals. But most of the time people from the audience try to tease these animals.

What kind of questions came to your mind after seeing that animal show? (*)

     The questions that came to my mind after seeing the animal show are as follows

i). How they caught these animals?

ii). Aren’t they scared of animals like lions, elephants, monkeys and snakes.

iii). How the animals were trained?

iv). How do they feed these animals?

Imagine that you are an animal in a cage. Think how you would feel. Complete the following sentences: (*)

I am afraid when

I am afraid when the trainer punishes me while training.

I wish I

I wish I could enjoy the freedom.

I am sad when

I am sad when I remember my friends.

If I had a chance I would

If I had a chance I would run away.


I do not like it at all when

I do not like it at all when people tease me.

Page 20

Like snake-charmers, which other people depend on animals for their livelihood? (*)

     Milkman, poultrymen, farmers depend on animals for their livelihood.

Talk to some people in your neighborhood who keep one or more animals for their livelihood – for example, a horse for a tonga, hens for eggs, etc. (*)

Name the animals they keep?


How many animals are there?


Is there a separate place for animals?


Who looks after them?

     They themselves look after the animals.

What do animals eat?


Do the animals ever fall ill? What does the keeper do then?

     Yes, the animals do fall ill. The keeper takes them to the veterinary doctor.

The government has made a law that no one can catch and keep snakes. What do you think about this law? Give reasons for your answer and write in your own words. (*)

     I think this law is good.

     Some people kill animals for their selfishness. They kill the animals and sell their skin, tusks, horns. Some people keep the animals and use them for entertainment like saperas and madaris.

Q 1). Answer in 1 or 2 words.

i). In which state did “Naag Gumphan” design are in the rangoli and embroidery?


ii). Which dance form have similar to snake movements?


iii). Which animal dances when ‘been’ is played?


iv). What are the poisonous teeth of the snakes called?


v). Where does the snake charmer keep the snake?

     Bamboo basket.

Q 2). Answer in one or two sentences.

i). Name some poisonous snakes?

     Poisonous snakes are Cobra, Common Krait, Russel’s viper. Saw scaled viper.

ii). Name other people who depends on animals for their livelihood?

     Milkman, farmer, poultryman,

iii). Where is the snake medicine available?

     In the government hospitals.

iv). Can the snake hear the been or does it dance when the been moves? What do you think?

     No snake cannot hear as external ears are absent in the sakes. Snake charmer moves his feet while playing the been. It feels the vibration on the ground but follows the movement of been.


Q 3). Give reasons.

i). Why is the snake called farmer’s friend?

Snake kills the rats which spoil the crop. The movement of snakes in the fields makes the soil fertile. Therefore, snakes are called farmer’s friend.

Q 4). Fill in the blanks.

i) The people who make the snake dance by playing the been are called Kalbeliyas.

ii). Snakes have been important part of the life of saperas.

iii). Most of the snakes are not poisonous.

iv). Snakes are friends of the farmers.

v). A snake has two hollow teeth(fangs).

Q 5). Say whether true or false.

i). Saperas are afraid of snakes.


ii). Saperas made the medicines from the plants collected from the forest.


iii). Some snake bites can even cause death on the spot.


iv). All the snakes are poisonous.



Q 6). Answer in brief

i). How could snake charmer help people in a village where doctors and hospitals are far away?

     Snake charmer makes the medicines from the plants collected from the forest. They keep the medicines in a tin box and always carried with them. Whenever they stopped in a village people would collect the medicines from the snake charmer. In this way, snake charmer helps people in the village where doctors and hospitals are far away.


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