5. The foundation of the Swaraj

5. The foundation of the Swaraj
Q 1. Find the odd man out
 i. Pune, Supe, Chakan, Bengaluru.
ii. Jadhav of Phaltan, Mores of Javali, Ghorpades of Mudhol, Sawant’s of Sawantwadi.
     Jadhav of Phaltan
iii. Torana, Murumbdev, Sinhagad, Sindhudurg
 Q 2. Write about in your own words.
i. The efforts Veermata Jijabai took for Shivaji Maharaj’s education.
          Jijamata was very particular about giving excellent education to Shivaji. She instilled in him values like modesty, truthfulness, oratory, Vigilance, courage, and fearlessness. She saw that he was trained in the usage of weapons and inspired in him the will to win and the dream of Swaraj.
ii. Shivaji Maharaj started his work of founding Swaraj in the Maval region.
          The Mavall terrain is full of hills and valleys and is not easily accessible. Shivaji Raje made use of these geographical features of Maval very skillfully for the foundation of the Swaraj.
iii. List the companions and associates of Shivaji Maharaj.
           Many companions and associates joined Shivaji Maharaj in the work of founding the Swaraj. Among them were a Yesaji Kank, Baji Pasalkar, Bapuji Mudgal, Narhekar Deshpande brothers,Kavji Khandalkar, Jiva Mahala, Tanaji Malusare, Kanhoji Jedhe, Bajiprabhu Deshpande and Dadaji Narasprabhu Deshpande.
 Q 2. Find out and write
i. Why Shahaji Maharaj is termed a Swaraj visionary.
         Shahajiraje himself aspired to establish Swaraj by ousting the powers of foreign people. That is why he is known as Swaraj’s visionary.
ii. Shivaji Maharaj paid attention to building a navy.
            Shivaji came into contact with Siddhi, Portuguese and British powers on the Western coast. Shivaji Maharaj realized that to fight these powers it was necessary to have a strong naval force. Therefore, he concentrated on building a navy.
 iii. The conflict with Adil Shahi continued even as the Mughal Army invaded the Swaraj.
           Shivaji Maharaj realized that it would not be prudent to fight two enemies at the same time therefore he entered into a treaty with the  Adilshah.
iv. How Shivaji Maharaj escaped from Panhalgad.
           Siddi Jauhar’s soldiers laid siege to the Panhala Fort for about 5 months. Siddi showed no sign of relenting. So, Shivaji Maharaj opened talks with him which led to slackness in the siege around Panhalgad. Shivaji Maharaj took advantage of this and escaped from Panhalagad.
Q 5. Answer in short
I. When was Shivaji Maharaj born?
         Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was born at the Shivneri fort near Junnar in Pune district on the day of Phalgun Vadya Tritiya in the Shaka year 1551, that is on 19 February 1630.
ii. Forts were of special significance give a reason.
          Fort was of special significance. with a firm hold over a fort, it was possible to control the surrounding area. If one had forts, one ruled the land. Therefore, Shivaji Maharaj decided to acquire the forts that were within his jagir.
 iii. What was the first capital of the Swaraj?
        Rajgad was the first capital of the Swaraj.
iv. Who opposed to the cause of founding Swaraj?
          The Mores of Jawali,  the Ghorpades of Mudhol,  the Sawant’s of Sawantwadi, and other sardars in the Adilshahi Court opposed to the cause of the founding of Swaraj.
v. Which values instilled in Shivaji by Jijamata?
          Jijamata was installed in Shivaji values like modesty, truthfulness, oratory, vigilance, courage, and fearlessness.
Q 6. Write a short note on Shahajiraje.
          Shahajiraje was a valiant, courageous, intelligent, and great political expert. He was an excellent archer. He was also an expert in using the sword, Patta and spear. He loved his subjects. He had won many regions in Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. He aspired to establish Swaraj by ousting the powers of foreign people. That is why he is known as Swaraj’s visionary.
Q 7. Write a note on Veermata Jijabai.
            Jijabai was the daughter of the great Sardar Lakhujiraje Jadhav of Sindhkhedraja in the Buldhana district. At a young age, she had received military training as well as education in various subjects. She helped and encouraged Shivaji Maharaj to realize the dream of establishing Swaraj. She was a competent and visionary political expert. She constantly guided Shivaji in the mission of establishing Swaraj. At times, she undertook the task of giving verdicts for resolving the problems of people.


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